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Solutions from Summit Nutrients can help break barriers, maximize nutrient efficiency, and accelerate business.

Intelligent Solutions
that deliver more from applying less

You shouldn’t have to choose between nutrient efficiency or ROI. Get both with Summit Nutrients.

Nutrition to Grow on
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No one brings it all together like Summit Nutrients when it comes to plant and soil health.

Innovations that Power
Smarter Plant Nutrition

When it comes to advanced crop nutrition, Summit Nutrients is leading the way with next-generation solutions.

As a precision-based technology company, we specialize in plant nutrition and fertilizer innovation.

Using proprietary technology and advanced formulation processes, we create dynamic, market-leading solutions that maximize nutrient efficiency unlike any other, while stewarding the environment with ultra-low use rates.

5 Million+ Acres & Growing

With proven performance on more than 50 crops worldwide, Summit Nutrients is driving a new era of innovations for today and tomorrow.

More Nutrients

More Nutrients.
Less Applied Inputs.

Combining advanced science with sound agronomic principles, Summit Nutrients has created a suite of proprietary offerings that activate plant and soil response at heightened levels.

Empowering plant uptake, mobilization, and utilization of applied nutrients, Summit Nutrients’ portfolio of technologies that increase fertilizer efficiency, resulting in less applied inputs per acre and less cost per acre.

The Summit Nutrients Difference

Our cutting-edge crop nutrition technologies are engineered to optimize today’s most advanced plant genetics for immediate and long-term benefits for plants and the soils they grow in.

Innovative Solutions

Innovative Solutions

Using patented technologies, we develop industry-leading solutions that unlock the genetic potential of plants resulting in enhanced growth, vigor, root growth, crop quality, and yield.

Ultra Nutrient Efficiency

Ultra Nutrient Efficiency

Taking fertility programs to the next level, our products pair powerful technology with smart and sustainable practices to meet growers most demanding crop nutrition requirements.

Greener Bottom Line

Greener Bottom Line

By increasing return on investment, growers (who use our products) and retailers (who sell our products) never sacrifice performance or profitability for sustainability.

Technology Platforms


A first of its kind in agriculture, this patented process technology uses nanobubble gases to infuse oxygen into liquid fertilizer. This dramatically increases nutrient efficiency while reducing inputs required per acre.

Chelation Technology

Chelation technology designed to replace synthetic chelators. This premium all-natural chelation technology hosts the Lipophilic Nano Molecule, allowing nutrients to easily penetrate the waxy cuticle and be fully metabolized by the plant.


Powered by the industry’s most advanced plant health components, this technology triggers biological and chemical reactions for improved stress resistance, root growth and energy production.

Nutrient Compatibility

By optimizing the interaction between individual nutrients and other chemistries when used together in a blend, this technology allows previously incompatible inputs to now co-exist in a single stable homogeneous solution.

Active Carbon
Complex Technology

Unique carbon complex technology containing all three humic fractions. With beneficial biology, this technology is a natural soil conditioner that acts as a chelator and microbial stimulator for improving plant/microbe interactions.

Nutrient Delivery
System Technology

A nutrient delivery blend of nano-scale biostimulant components. This technology works immediately for full delivery of micros and macros in any fertilizer mix by removing barriers that hinder plant uptake.

Portfolio Dynamics

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Custom blending
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Market Solutions

Row crops

Row crops

Specialty crops

Specialty crops

Turf & ornamentals

Turf & ornamentals

Building Profitability
Across the Value Chain

Our tools and capabilities are the cornerstones of the value we bring to customers in order to accelerate transformational impact that fuels growth while increasing profits.

Significant return on investment at the farm level enables growers who use our technology to thrive, not just survive. For retail partners, we empower a higher level of commercial excellence through differentiated, customizable, and high margin solutions.

More Nutrients

Technology that unlocks growth

With an innovative technology platform, Summit Nutrients is fostering new growth opportunities with greater value across the entire value chain.

More Nutrients

Crop Nutrition that Stacks the Odds in Your Favor

As the foundation of our own and our customers crop nutrition products, Summit Nutrients’ efficiency-driven technology is an ‘industry best’ in functionality, handling, and compatibility.

Consistent across all of our granular and liquid fertilizers, Summit Nutrients delivers products with the highest standard of performance for benefits that stack the odds in your favor.

  • LeafMaximum nutrient efficiency
  • LeafLess applied materials per acre
  • LeafIncrease in yield potential
  • LeafSignificant economic value