About Us
Our Performance Legacy

Grower Focused. Family Owned. American Based.

Built from the ground up, Summit Nutrients develops, manufactures, and markets innovative technologies that significantly improve the performance of plant nutrition. Rapidly growing in our position as a new and dynamic industry player, our full suite of cutting-edge technologies, differentiated product offerings, and outstanding service gives customers the tools needed to move forward – faster.

And while new business opportunities are already expanding our global footprint – our roots remain steadfast in being grower-focused, family-owned, and American based.

A history of Trust and Tradition

With a passion for people, products and service, Summit Nutrients provides the industry’s highest-performing plant nutrition along with reliable customer support, and strong relationships that stand the test of time.

Our Journey


Advancing your innovation journey – faster

At Summit Nutrients, our goal is to provide advanced offerings that unlock new potential for growers everywhere. And, it’s a responsibility we take seriously, because we know farming is one of the most important jobs on earth.

What You Should Know About Us ….

LeafAs a family owned and operated business, we answer to farmers, not shareholders.
LeafOur goal is to ensure your success year after year, and we help you achieve that with proprietary innovations, agronomic research and advice, and by aligning the right products to your unique business scenario.
LeafAs part of our business model, we grow in pace with our customers. As you succeed, we expand. This expansion, in turn, provides increased capacity and efficiencies that enable continued customer growth.
LeafOur trusted portfolio of commercially available products delivers solutions to meet growers’ most demanding needs for maximizing return on investment and crop yield.

Scaled to Deliver on Demand, Today.

To ensure customer success, we are here to support you every step of the way. Summit Nutrients’ dedicated sales team strives to develop strong relationships with each of our valued customers. They also understand your needs and have the ‘know-how’ to get the job done with precision and efficiency.

From quality products to accurate delivery and superb customer service, every aspect of our business is designed to help support yours.

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Our commitment to sustainability

Solutions powered by science

All plant nutrition and fertilizer products within the Summit Nutrients portfolio are required to maintain the following four sustainability characteristics.

Maximize Efficiency
Ultra-Low Use Rates
Sustainable Profile
Economically Viable

What We Do Today Affects All of Our Tomorrows.

At Summit Nutrients, sustainability is at the forefront of everything we do. As part of the global infrastructure that grows, stores, blends, processes, and protects hundreds of millions of tons of agriculture inputs flowing around the world daily, our aim is the creation of constant added values and opportunities connecting our company to the places where we operate and taking care of the environment where we live.

As a family-owned company, our values are the same as yours. To protect resources and leave the world better than we found it.