A Field of Innovations

Over the last decade, Summit Nutrients has been assessing the essential roles of both nutrients and plant physiology in its mission to develop small particle nutrition technologies that maximize nutrient efficiency and plant performance, while improving efficacy and profitability for manufacturers, distributors and applicators … and their customers.

With an unrelenting focus on research and development, today, we offer a line of technologies unmatched in their ability to enhance and unlock the latent genetic potential of plants.

Key Performance Attributes

LeafPrecision-based products that trigger metabolic plant functions
LeafNutrients that deliver ultra-efficiency for less input utilization
LeafSustainable reduction in the use of synthetic fertilizer inputs
LeafLower input costs per acre for greater return on investment
Biostimulant technology

Biostimulant technology

BioXcelerator™ is a unique, natural bio-stimulant formulation designed to make liquid fertilizers more effective and efficient, allowing for lower overall use rates.

With seaweed, kelp, fulvic and amino acids, low molecular weight carboxylic phenols and trace micronutrients, BioXcelerator improves root growth and development, increases plant resistance to stress and insects, and enhances nutrient efficiency.

Using LNM (lipophilic nano-molecules) technology, nutrients are quickly carried through the waxy surface of the plant’s leaves, entering the vascular system. BioXcelerator then facilitates the movement of nutrients from cell-to-cell, further increasing the efficacy of your fertilizer.

BioXcelerator also aids in soil health, improving water retention and promoting positive microbes which release nutrients in the soil.

The result is more robust plants, higher yields and savings from lower inputs.

Active comples technology

Active comples technology

Carbon-Link™ delivers humic acid, fulvic acid and humin that increases nutrient availability for the plant and enhances the soil environment for the plant with less compaction and positive microbial activity.

As part of a liquid fertilizer blend, Carbon-Link complexes nutrients in the tank, helping keep them from soil tie-up and available for uptake. And because carbon comprises as much as 50 percent of a plant’s volume, this unique technology is also providing the building blocks for cellular growth.

The humic acid aids in root growth stimulation, and the fulvic acid acts to develop better water infiltration. The beneficial microbes, an essential aspect of releasing nutrients already in the soil, are fed by the carbon and are provided an optimal environment for reproduction to increase their numbers.

Unlike many humic products, Summit Nutrients employs nanotechnology to keep the product from settling and potentially clogging equipment. Carbon-Link is incredibly stable in its liquid form.

Because of these qualities, an additional benefit of Carbon-Link is that you can reduce your nutrient inputs, saving money with each blend.

Premium chelaton technology

Premium chelaton technology

Summit Nutrients delivers the ultimate low-input, high effectiveness liquid fertilizer solution. Particus™ technology makes it possible for nutrients to immediately enter the vascular system of a plant regardless of environmental conditions.

Soil conditions, irrigation or rain, microbial activity and ionic charge tie-up are all removed from the equation through Particus.

Utilizing lipophilic nano-molecules carrying micro-nutrients, removed from their ionic charge through a patented process, and boosted by bio-stimulants, Particus allows nutrients to easily penetrate the waxy surface of the leaf and move into the plant’s vascular system.

The nano-particles – averaging 7 nm – provide micro-nutrients to the plant in a manner that does not require energy expense, promoting faster assimilation and, more importantly, immediate results.

The benefits include lower overall fertilizer use rates, reduced macro-nutrients in the solution, more efficient delivery of control chemicals and higher efficacy of plant nutrition.

Incorporated into liquid fertilization, Particus allows you to offer customers a dramatically improved product with higher profit opportunities for your company.

Nanobubble technology

Nanobubble technology

R.A.I.N. Technology™ (Rapid-Absorption-Ionic-Nutrients) introduces nanobubbles into liquid fertilizers – tiny bubbles of air that are typically smaller than 100 nanometers in size, which is about 1,000 times smaller than the width of a human hair.

When rain comes down from the sky, it is naturally infused with air bubbles from the atmosphere. This is one of the reasons natural rain produces better plant response than irrigation.

Summit Nutrients’ oxygen infused nanobubble process not only improves the physical properties of fertilizer materials, but has an accelerating effect on the metabolism of plants.

The results of R.A.I.N Technology include reducing the soil surface tension, improving wettability and infiltration and reduced turbidity (cloudiness) of the liquid fertilizer.

As the nanobubbles dissolve, they provide much needed oxygen for plant roots which increases plant metabolic rate and energy production. Additionally, the oxygen helps promote a positive microbial population, important for making nutrients in the soil plant available.

Because of the patented process of R.A.I.N Technology, the nanobubbles can remain in the soil for longer periods of time, which means that the nutrients are released more slowly and are available to the plants over a longer period of time. This can help to reduce the amount of fertilizer inputs while improving plant growth and health.

R.A.I.N Technology is one aspect of all Summit Nutrients liquid formulations, as all water utilized in the mixing process has been treated to include nanobubbles.



Sparging is the process by which liquid nutrients are sprayed onto granular fertilizer. Summit Nutrients has developed a process that allows advanced custom blends of liquid micronutrients to be evenly coated around each granular prill.

Following the first water event (rain or irrigation), the sparged micronutrients, utilizing small particle technology, become immediately plant available and provide instant relief for nutrient deficiencies. The remaining nutrients in the granule break down over time through microbial activity.

PeakCoat technology allows the micronutrients to work in any soil or water conditions, regardless of pH levels or other environmental factors.

Summit Nutrients’ sparging process eliminates dust, which allows for a cleaner application and blending, keeping equipment maintenance to a minimum and providing a safer working environment.

The result is a solution that corrects nutrient deficiencies consistently across the application area, not only where specific nutrient granules fall.